tutorial and white papers

Here you'll find a collection of tutorial videos, white papers, and other items to help you starting using World Science. We have information for authoring, searching, managing references, and others. So take a few minutes to explore the content below to help get you started.

Welcome to World Science tutorial

Our 'Welcome to World Science' tutorial provides a broad overview of the features present in World Science

Here you can learn about some of the most common uses for World Science, like authoring, searching World Science articles, and comparing data from World Science manuscripts.

The tutorial also includes a brief tour of some of the other pages around World Science.


Our 'References' tutorial introduces the use of our vast database of references that are available for use within your manuscripts.

Under a partnership with PubMed, we have included millions of previously published articles that are both searchable during your research process as well as available for citation within your manuscript.

This tutorial covers searching references as well as instructions on how to incorporate those references into your manuscript while writing.

ReSearch in World Science

Our 'ReSearch in World Science' tutorial covers the process of searching our database of references and using them outside your manuscript, in other areas of your research processes.

This tutorial provides an overview to our powerful Analytics module which allows users of all kinds to perform novel research on publications, the capabilities of which are not available any where outside of World Science.

Users can perform analysis on which topics are published where, when, and by who. These tools can provide information that would otherwise take large investments of time without the power of World Science.