about world science : the first knowledge network

World Science is the revolution in writing, reviewing, accessing, sharing and searching credible science. Below is our members of the Advisory and Editorial Board. This list is comprised of researchers and experts in their respective fields who are truly pushing their knowledge community forward.

World Science creates a new format for scientific interaction that includes the following features:
...for simultaneous multi-author writing as an individual or group
...for reviewing and editing within reports
...for the first time – immediate access to use real data (both text and numerical)
...to create new science across disciplines
...for valuing science and publication
...that creates a new opportunities for individuals, institutions, publishers, and corporations

World Science Features and Capabilities

Based on our novel software, World Science is the first knowledge network that goes far beyond the traditional journal model. Authors can compose their work in an interactive environment with tools that enable them to create the best report at the first iteration. The peer-review process for reports submitted to World Science provides enhanced credibility and efficiency. For the first time, the peer-review process can be studied by an editorial board who oversees more direct author-reviewer-editor interaction.

Advantages to Society

  • Increased quality and number of credible reports
  • Breaks down the barriers for the inexperienced (who want to contribute to the worlds knowledge) and the experienced (who want a more efficient and useful environment)
  • Data-driven reports allow more edited content and more interaction Increased use of publications of current or past reports Technologically more sophisticated publications (color, multimedia, etc.) Reduced editing costs Improved efficient peer-review process with unique opportunity for analysis Content now searchable and by anyone

World Science fundamentally changes this model based on the premise…”a knowledge community knows the elements of its own future knowledge…tell us those things!”

Search engines work on the back-end…’’trying to interpret the anarchy”. Proof software for World Science provides incredible power on the front end, eliminating the anarchy.

World Science revolutionizes knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

Corporate Information

World Science is published online by SciencEngines Inc.

SciencEngines, Inc.
Attn: Sochats
4106 Butler Streeet
Pittsburgh, PA 15201

World Science began publishing on May 1, 2011 using a continuous schedule.

Access to the basic features of World Science is free due to the generous support of our sponsors. Authors, users and others can register at www.world-sci.com/register.aspx.

World Science can be accessed at: www.world-sci.com.

Ken Sochats
Phone: 412-638-0792

last Updated: July 25, 2011.