our advisory and editorial board

World Science is the revolution in writing, reviewing, accessing, sharing and searching credible science. Below is our members of the Advisory and Editorial Board. This list is comprised of researchers and experts in their respective fields who are truly pushing their knowledge community forward.

Chief Editor – Elad Levy, MD State University of New York at Buffalo
L.N. Hopkins, MD State University of New York at Buffalo
Griffith Harsh IV, MD Stanford University
Nathan Selden, MD Oregon Health Sciences University
Jason Sheehan, MD PhD University of Virginia
Jean Regis, MD Hopital La Timone, Marseille France
Marc Levivier, MD CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland
L. D. Lunsford, MD University of Pittsburgh
Robert Spetzler, MD Barrow Neurological Institute
Robert Friedlander, MD, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Tony Asher, MD Carolina Neurosurgical Associates
David Okonkwo, MD, PhD University of Pittsburgh
P. David Adelson, MD Phoenix Childrens Hospital
Joel MacDonald, MD University of Utah
Kyung Park, MD University of Pittsburgh
Hideyuki Kano, MD, PhD University of Pittsburgh
Sait Sirin, MD Ankara, Turkey
Ajay Niranjan, MCh, MBA University of Pittsburgh
Andres M Lozano, MD, PhD. University of Toronto
Liliana Goumnerova, MD Harvard Medical School
Katrina Firlik, MD Chief Medical Officer, HealthPrize Technologies, Inc
Aviva Abosch, MD, PhD University of Minnesota
Edie Zusman, MD Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, CA
Gail Rosseau, MD Northshore Health System, Evanston, IL
Radiation Oncology
Chief Editor - John C. Flickinger University of Pittsburgh
Minesh Mehta, MD Northwestern University
David Larson, MD, PhD University of California at San Francisco
Igor Barani, MD, PhD University of California at San Francisco
Penny Sneed, MD University of California at San Francisco
Kaan Oysul, MD Gulhane Academy, Ankara, Turkey
David Clump, MD University of Pittsburgh
Josef Novotny, PhD Prague, Czech Republic
Sandra Vermeulen, MD Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle, WA
David Harris, MD University of Pittsburgh
Hagen Schempf, PhD Carnegie Mellon University
Layton Rikkers, MD University of Wisconsin
Bernard Boulanger, MD University of Kentucky
David Hackam, MD University of Pittsburgh
David Eibling, MD University of Pittsburgh
Medical Students
Gillian Harrison University of Pittsburgh
Agam Patel University of Pittsburgh
Development Board
David Nawn, MSIS Director of Systems
Ben Zimmerman, MSIS Director of Design
Doug Kondziolka, MD, MSc University of Pittsburgh
Ken Sochats CEO, SciencEngines, Inc.